The Australian Dancing Board is the national administrative body of the Ballroom Dancing profession in Australia. Australia is a foundation member of the International Council of Ballroom Dancing (I.C.B.D), now the World Dance Council (W.D.C).

Dance teachers registered with member societies of the Australian Dancing Board hold teaching qualifications acquired by examination. Registered teachers should display their qualifications or produce them upon request.

Teachers of dance present classes in registered studios, social clubs, evening colleges, schools and various other venues throughout Australia.

Classes are available in the dance styles of Modern, Latin American, New Vogue, and Old Time dancing as well as current crazes such as Lambada, Salsa, House & Rap. Classes are conducted for children, teenagers or adults and are usually separated into levels (eg. starters, intermediate or advanced).

Private instruction is also available.

Cost of tuition varies depending on location. Individual teachers will provide further information.