ADB New Vision Launched

The Australian Dancing Board New Vision is released.

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Saturday 24th November the ADB New Vision was presented to the ADB Directors at the Revesby Workers Club in Revesby NSW.
The New Vision was approved and is now available for all dance studio and club Australia wide.

 ADB WA Branch trialed the New Vision and introducted the Competitors League to the WA dance industry; the Competitors League consists of the following divisions: Medallist League - Amateur League - Professional League.
Registration of Medallist competitors into the Medallist League was well recieved by competitors, parents and ADB Member Dance Studio principals; the registration of medallists was a great success with outstanding results for the member studios and clubs. 
Not only did the Medallist League create new competitors into the WA competition dance scene, it was pleasing to see dance studios (DanceSport & non DanceSport studios) uniting through the ADB New Vision and supporting the ADB Competitors League and events.
To record so much interest from medallists and parents in such a short time was fantastic, the ADB WA Branch can be proud; by delivered the new Vision to all competitors, dance studio and club proprietors and dance teaching associations that provide the framework for the grass roots of the dance industry. 
By introducting registration for the medallist dancers provides the ADB with a clear and better understanding for the health of the ballroom dance industry at the grass roots level, and this has been another positive move with ADB member dance studio's and clubs.

On 21st December ADB WA paid commissions to all Member Dance Studio's for their support in 2018; this was an added Christmas bonus and well recieved by all ADB member dance studio and club proprietors. 

The introduction of the ADB Combined Studio Events and Profit Sharing from these events proved to be very successful for all ADB Member Dance Studios participating in the events. All events in 2018 were profitable with the August  ADB Combined Studio's Event being the most successful.
Speaking from a member dance studio proprietors point of view, it was an added bonus to be paid for supporting an event with entries from our dance studio clientele.
In 2018 Dance Masters International Association became a member association of ADB;  DMIA are the largest dance teaching association and promoter in Western Australia. It is very pleasing to report in 2018 the DMIA Medallist Pagents registered with the ADB were very well supported and enjoyed outstanding success attracting the largest recreational/medallist competitor entries seen in WA for a number of years.

So ends 2018, it has been a difficult year for the dance industry in general; however for the ADB it has been an exciting year, implementing new ideas and new inentives, combined with the work behind the scenes and the roll out of the New Vision, however it's always nice to see the outcome of this work grow and evolve.

ADB would like to thank all competitors, parents, dance studio and club principals, and dance associations for your support and faith in the ADB New Vision, you are the industry and the ADB are here to support, empower and to help your businesses succeed.

Stay tuned for some exciting ADB developments in 2019


Coming Events

March Medallist Pagent

Sunday 24th March, 2019
South Perth Civic Centre, WA

DMIA Pagent

Sunday 4th August, 2019
South Perth Civic Centre, Perth WA

ADB Combined Studio Club Events

Sunday 14th April, 2019
Star Ballroom , Rockingham WA

DMIA Fremantle Championship

Sunday 25th August, 2019
Perth WA

DMIA Star Championships

Sunday 5th May, 2019
Perth WA

Indian Pacific International Dance Championships (2 days)

Saturday 21st September, 2019
To Be Confirmed, Midland WA

DMIA Metropolitan Championships

Sunday 26th May, 2019
South Perth Civic Centre, Perth WA

ADB Combined Studio Club Event

Saturday 9th November, 2019
To Be Announced, WA

ADB Combined Studio Club Event

Sunday 30th June, 2019
Crystal Ballroom, Malaga WA

DMIA WA State Medallist Championships

Sunday 2nd December, 2018
South Terrace & Sandgate St, Como WA 6152, Australia


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