ADB WA NEWS Jan. 2019


ADB WA wishes all dancers a healthy and prosperous 2019.

In November 2018, ADB WA Branch formulated and produced a working plan and documentation for the creation of an "ADB WA FIVE STAR SERIES". This ten event series has been designed to underpin, support and develop growth by reaching out inviting community participation at grass roots level within the WA dance industry .

On Monday 7th January the ADB WA secretary received notification of an unprecedented sponsorship offer for the naming rights of the ADB WA FIVE STAR SERIES.

ADB WA are pleased to announce the foundation of  "Livelighter ADB WA FIVE STAR SERIES 2019" proudly sponsored by Healthway.

The "Livelighter ADB WA FIVE STAR SERIES 2019" consists of ten (10) events commencing 24th March 2019 and concluding with the final event on1st December 2019.

The "Livelighter ADB WA FIVE STAR SERIES 2019" will support long established events and introduce some new events into the WA dance industry.

‚ÄčThe "Livelighter ADB WA FIVE STAR SERIES 2019" will actively support ADB member dance studio's,clubs, centres and associations providing the infrastructure for the WA dance industry, by offering Come & Try access for community participation through ADB member dance studios, clubs and centres. the "Livelighter ADB WA FIVE STAR SERIES 2019" will offer Come & Try access for community inclusivity to experience competition dancing at grass roots level through the ADB structure. 

To support this growth and development of the "Livelighter ADB WA FIVE STAR SERIES 2019"; ADB WA will introduce:

  •  A dance studio / club ranking system offering great incentives to support dance studio, club and centre participation. (Points accrued by registered Medallist and Amateur League competitor participation in "Livelighter ADB FIVE STAR SERIES 2019" events).
  • The introduction of an Amateur League Ranking (Adult division) offering a prize purse for participation in Amateur League open events. (see ranking conditions) 
  • Offering structured levels for Teacher Student and Pro Am events in Medallist & Amateur League events to encourage inclusion for all.   Levels = Novice - Bronze - Silver - Gold - Open
  • All ADB member dance studio's and clubs receive commissions for all competitor registrations.
  • 50% commission on all Medallist League registrations
  • $10 commission on all Amateur League registrations 
  • $10 Commission on all Professional League registration
  • Other bonus incentives available.


ADB registration fees for 2019

Calendar of Events published soon.

STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION coming to your dance studio soon.

Mission statement:
ADB creating a better future for the profession; empowering dance studio, clubs and organisations to succeed


ADB Events

LIVELIGHTER ADB WA 5 STAR SERIES DMIA WA State Medallist Championships

Sunday 1st December, 2019
South Perth Civic Centre, Perth WA

Christmas Titles

Sunday 15th December, 2019
Wenty Leagues Club, Wentworthville NSW

Zahira Crystals: Be Noticed, Be Brilliant, Be You.
LIVELIGHTER ADB WA 5 STAR Series Supporting Sponsor

Jarahdale Heating and Cooling.
LIVELIGHTER ADB WA 5 STAR Series Supporting Sponsor

Freo Group: Mobile Cranes in Australia.
LIVELIGHTER ADB WA 5 STAR Series Supporting Sponsor

Dance Masters International Association Inc.
LIVELIGHTER ADB WA 5 STAR Series Supporting Sponsor


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