ADB Diversification

ADB Diversification opens the door for membership and industry growth.

At the 24th November 2018 directors meeting in NSW at the Reveseby Workers Club, the directors passed a diversification plan for the ADB. This diversification plan will still be within the membership structure of the ADB and would provide an opportunity for growth across multiple genres of dance that form the structure of  ADB member dance associations and organisations.

This diversification would strengthen the role ADB undertakes as a national governing body for its member organisations; furthermore it will provide an opportunity for new and smaller organisations to join other ADB member organisations under the ADB structure. The administration of each dance facility within the ADB diversification would be the responsibility of each facility state branch.
This diversification provides an opportunity for organisations with existing governance and administration to continue within their own entity as an ADB member organisation.

More news to follow.



ADB Events

LIVELIGHTER ADB WA 5 STAR SERIES DMIA WA State Medallist Championships

Sunday 1st December, 2019
South Perth Civic Centre, Perth WA

Christmas Titles

Sunday 15th December, 2019
Wenty Leagues Club, Wentworthville NSW

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Freo Group: Mobile Cranes in Australia.
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