Why the Australian Dancing Board?

Profession Based Governance

The Australian Dancing Board is a profession based Not For Profit organisation, its very foundations are made up through the formation of dance teaching associations and orgaisations throughout Australia; this depth of knowledge and experience is also supported by membership of dance studio proprietors that create the frame work for the grass roots of the Australian dance industry.

Unlike other dance organisations in Australia, the Australian Dancing Board is100% profession based, and that means; the people working the industry throughout Australia provide the administrative management and governance for the dance industry. 

The Australian Dancing Board places paramount importance for the growth of the profession, and all that work the profession from student teachers to the most experienced elite dance instructors that underpin the development of the profession.

The Australian Dancing Board mission, to create a better future within the profession,to empower dance studios, clubs and organisations to succeed.


ADB Events


Sunday 25th June, 2023
The Star Ballroom, Rockingham WA
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ADB WA Indian Pacific Dance Festival

Sunday 10th September, 2023
To Be Confirmed
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ADB WA Mandurah Dance Festival

Sunday 5th November, 2023
Dudley Park Bowling Club, Mandurah WA
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