ADB Kidz Dance

ADB Kidz Dance

The Australian Dancing Board (ADB) is pleased to introduce ADB Kidz Dance.  The introducion of this program through ADB state branches, member dance teaching associations, dance studios, clubs and centres, will cater for a range of ages from 5 - 16 years to support participation and development of a sustainable and diverse recreational activity within the dance industry.

ADB Kidz Dance program will provide and support an industry structure that encourages community participation, development of talents and provides a service to the Australian community. Our core function is increase community awareness and participation within the healthy lifestyle activity.

ADB Kidz Dance program supports key community needs:

  • Community inclusivity
  • Family interaction
  • Gender equality
  • Accessable and affordable programs 
  • Provide facilities and structured programs
  • Organisational development and events
  • Well-being for all concerned

ADB Kidz Dance:    Come & Try  -  Have A Go




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